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Colourists may use alternative methods of foil placement patterns, techniques (slicing vs. weaving vs. freehand) and foil wrapping. Methods are generally determined by the client’s style and desired colour effect. Colourists may choose one type or may combine various patterns, techniques and wrapping methods to achieve results.

Balayage Highlights

Originating in France, balayage is a colouring technique that is applied using freehand rather than traditional foiling techniques. A French word meaning to sweep or paint, the technique allows for a more sun-kissed natural looking hair colour that does not leave a solid line of separation. This way it looks more natural and blended so the regrowth isn’t dramatic.

Highlights – Baby Lights

The term can be added to the ongoing list of highlighting techniques like low-lights,

splash-lights, balayage, ombre and sombre, but this one differs dramatically from the rest.

Baby lights are delicate highlights created using a very fine hair foiling technique to mimic the subtle, dimensional hair colour seen on children’s hair.

Highlights – Baby Lights

Root Fade / Root Stretching

A root fade is a technique to blend out natural root colour. It is applied like a standard root colour application however once it reaches the desired point of the hair the stylist will weave out sections like a balayage to ‘fade’ out the roots so they blend out.

Root Fade technique is a dream come true for those who are time poor and it is especially popular for “low – maintenance” blondes, however can be achieved with any desired colour! This colouring technique is extremely low maintenance as any regrowth will fade seamlessly. Depending on your initial colour and desired result, you may want to get the coloured section touched up with toner every few weeks to keep it fresh, but repeat lightening is not necessary. So in the long run a root fade is more budget-friendly than foils or full colour.

Louvre Malli Hair Colours – Balayage, Baby Lights & Root Fading / Stretching

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