Invisi Seamless Hair Extensions

SKIN WEFT SEAMLESS HAIR EXTENSIONS also know as INVISI-Tape Hair Extensions are the latest innovation in the hair extension market and are requested because they are lightweight and invisible and appear to be hair from your actual scalp. Invisi-Tape wefts are totally undetectable because they are hand-tied Skin Wefts that appear to be hair from your own scalp. They are called skin wefts because they are invisible without any seams and match your scalp. They look natural, are lightweight, and lay flat. These hair extensions are fast to apply and 100% non-damaging.

Invisi-Tape extensions are the ultimate hair accessory for achieving the natural looking and undetectable weave, these are the thinnest tape bond pieces you have ever seen. These premium tape on wefts allow free and natural flowing locks. Even if someone was to run their fingers through your hair, it is unlikely that they would really feel or see them. The hair looks like it’s growing naturally from your scalp.

It is applied along your hair line, close to your roots. It is seamless and is completely invisible, you can wear your hair up or down. They are ultra comfortable easy to care for & simple to reapply.

It is our belief that hair extensions should be undetectable and natural.

We use A-Grade Russian Remy Hair Extensions that are seamlessly blended with your own hair to re-create the season’s hottest trends. Ensuring our clients walk away with a look they love.

Louvre Malli Hair Extensions – Invisi Seamless Hair Extensions

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